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Promoting New Brunswick to its neighbours and beyond

We’ve been working alongside the Tourism New Brunswick team since 2019. From Staycation and the #ExploreNB Street Team to Fish & Hunt and external market campaigns, we’re thankful to have been a part of New Brunswick’s tourism promotions. 

Targeted Campaigns

Every campaign was developed with residents and potential visitors in mind. “Where can we find them?” and “what will they best respond to?” were the driving questions.

Curated Content

This is our favourite type of content. We worked alongside their team to develop stories and other owned content that will be used for years to come.

Captivating Designs

Our work extended far beyond advertising campaigns and the digital space. Our team also came up with captivating designs for banners, custom printed items like boxes, and even a vehicle wrap!

We’re proud of our long-standing relationship with the team at Tourism New Brunswick and the success of each campaign.

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Integrated Marketing At Its Finest

When working with clients, we think of our team as an extension of theirs. This especially rang true during our time working with the Tourism New Brunswick team. 

One of the best ways to guarantee success is an integrated approach to marketing. Every campaign, blog, newsletter, and design we came up with was part of a larger holistic strategy. 

We worked very closely with the Tourism New Brunswick team to ensure that every aspect of storytelling and design aligned with their departmental priorities while also resonating with their audiences. Our targeting was specific to ensure that the message crafted reached the right people. 

We’re thankful for the trust their team has put in us over the years. We’ll continue to be proud of this work for years to come!

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