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Promoting New Brunswick’s world-class post-secondary institutions

Study NB is a collaborative association of post-secondary institutions in New Brunswick, Canada. From its inception, we’ve been tasked with various projects that spread across the entire scope of our services, from website and brand development, to marketing strategy, advertising, social media management, and graphic design.

Tools to Ease the User Journey

Building this website was all about problem solving. We understood how daunting the journey to post-secondary education enrollment can be. Thanks to our new StudyNB website, prospective students can browse all programs available in New Brunswick and filter them by interest, degree or institution.

A Cohesive Identity

As a new brand, it was important for StudyNB to have a consistent voice and look across all channels. Our team developed compelling visuals and content for the new website, social media channels, and advertising campaigns.

A Strategy for Success

Brand success requires a strong strategy and a long-term vision. From yearly strategy, to identifying key markets and constant optimization, we’ve ensured that the client's goals come to fruition.

Education opens doors to economic and socio-cultural success. We’re proud to work alongside StudyNB to increase enrollment in New Brunswick institutions.

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8 Institutions, Over 500 Programs, 1 Common Goal

We were challenged and (based on our humble opinion) we delivered. 

Developing a brand that tied together 8 post-secondary institutions around the province in both official languages is a complex task. From the early days of this project, we ensured that each member institution had a seat at the table and saw themselves in everything we developed. 

This continues to be the case. From social media content creation, to advertising campaigns, and website maintenance, our team makes sure that every decision made is based on StudyNB’s common goal of positioning New Brunswick as the destination of choice for post-secondary education in Canada. 

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