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The Value of Customizability

Riviera Real Estate represents a group of real estate experts operating out of Edmundston, New Brunswick. They needed a website that could meet their high standard of quality and robust range of services across much of New Brunswick. 

Customization Without Compromise

Thanks to The Kitchen, our custom CMS, we can provide highly customizable websites to our clients that can meet even the most specific requirements.

Practically, Functionality and Accessibility

The Riviera Real Estate website is one of the most complex projects we’ve ever worked on. It seamlessly displays information on different realtors and regions from all across the province in one convenient place.

As a small business, we’re always happy to provide our tailored website development services to other businesses around the province.

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Endless Possibilities with The Kitchen

The Riviera Real Estate website pushes the boundaries of what can be accomplished with The Kitchen. The site has two main standout features that showcase just how powerful our CMS is and what it lets our clients do.

Firstly, the site features a fully customizable Excel export system, meaning that data from Excel can be displayed directly onto the site without needing to transfer it manually. The result is a highly customizable and modular experience that can accommodate for large amounts of user-created information. 

The second noteworthy feature is the site’s integration with Realtor.ca’s Multiple Listing Service (MLS), which allows it to feature properties from different realtors and regions from across New Brunswick. 

Thanks to the functionality of The Kitchen, all of this information can be easily accessed and controlled on their end, so there’s no delay whenever something needs to be changed, updated, added or removed from their own site.

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