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Highlighting the Shops & Sights of the Downtown Bathurst Area

As the central hub of the City of Bathurst, the Downtown Bathurst area is teeming with dozens of exciting and unique local shops, restaurants, breweries and other businesses. Downtown Bathurst is also host to year-round festivals and events, including one of the region’s most popular festivals, Bathurst Hospitality Days.  

In 2022, we helped with a Downtown Bathurst rebranding effort by designing their new and improved logo that encapsulates the area’s maritime spirit. We also created and launched their new expansive and user-friendly website in 2023 based on this new brand.

Purposeful Branding

Our goal with the new Downtown Bathurst logo was to capture the heart and spirit of the area by using elements that reflect its beautiful maritime situation and small town hospitality. The logo features two of the most iconic Downtown Bathurst landmarks, along with a distinct maritime colour palette to match.

Community Engagement

Social media is a powerful tool for sharing information and connecting with an audience. Our goal with the Downtown Bathurst Facebook page was to connect the people of Bathurst with the many shops and services offered in the downtown area by creating a sense of community and small town hospitality that resonated with their followers.

Distinct Design

The new and improved Downtown Bathurst website has been meticulously designed as a centralized and accessible hub for everything Downtown Bathurst. Spearheading this initiative is the interactive map that lets users virtually explore nearly every Downtown Bathurst business in one convenient place.

With a functional website and aesthetically pleasing logo serving as the face of the Downtown Bathurst area, the heart of Bathurst and its many businesses have never been so well represented locally, regionally or nationally.

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Websites Work Better With The Kitchen

Thanks to The Kitchen, our patented Content Management System (CMS), the new Downtown Bathurst website is not only visually pleasing, but also versatile and accessible for both the client and visitors. 

Our CMS makes it easier than ever for the client to control the content that shows up on their site. Through it, they are able to access the backend of their site (something that normally only programmers can do) and upload or remove videos, pictures and content at their own discretion.

This means that our clients are able to keep their site up-to-date by being able to control the content that goes up or comes down with just a few simple clicks. Whenever a new brewery or restaurant opens up in the area, that information can be uploaded to the Downtown Bathurst site in minutes. 

The functionality and accessibility of our websites is a big reason why our clients remain satisfied with their custom websites even years down the line. We’re proud to have had the opportunity to create this website for the beautiful city that calls home.

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