July 16 2018

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Nicolas Saulnier, co-op student here at Websolutions.ca.
Nick has been with us for almost three months now, he settled in quickly and is an excellent addition to our office!

Nicolas Saulnier - co-op student here at Websolutions.ca!

So Nick, what all have you learnt in the past three months?

I have worked on a couple of websites, and right now I think I am on my fourth website. I have created both backends and frontends for websites, so I got to see both ends of the spectrum in a way. Right now I am working on some modifications to the City of Bathurst website, which is a really big project, so it gets me to practice what I learnt from the beginning itself.

Are you more confident now with what you are doing?

I have worked on a couple of websites, and right now I think I am on my fourth Yeah. In my first week I was barely getting by, and I was asking Victor Luna a lot of questions but now now I am pretty good. I can do most stuff by myself.

How has the learning experience been?

I work with Ruby, HTML, Java Script and CSS and I use them pretty often now. I have never worked with any of these languages before. Knowing more languages has broadened my knowledge base for sure. Not necessarily limited to just syntax or languages, but understanding routes for websites and even logic for certain tasks. For instance, we did User Roles and Permissions with Victor and we had to use logic to figure out how it would work - so I ended up learning a lot with that.

Did you enjoy your time at Websolutions.ca?

The environment is great here. Everyone is so nice and you feel like you belong here. And I love playing Foosball, so that’s a lot of fun. It’s a cool office! I was pretty stressed when I came and that stress is gone now.

The Foosball tournament.

Are you looking forward to going back to school?

Not really now. Haha. I kinda love working and it’s hands on. I mean, I can take some classes on HTML, etc. and then I will know more stuff. And in another way, I find that school is different and I find one really learns when they work. At school, you learn stuff but you just kinda put it in your mind and let it stay there. Also, this was my first experience working in an office! And I really enjoyed it.

Your co-op term finishes in August! What plans after?

I am still going to be in Bathurst for a month. My friends and I are planning a trip! So need to figure that out. I am also looking forward to swimming some more before I leave for Fredericton!

Bathurst, 2018.

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