Club Des AmisHalte-Scolaire

A new online identity

I was truly happy to be able to hire a local company to help me brand my business. I had a vision on what I wanted our website to look like and Websolutions made this vision become a reality. They designed a website that was perfectly reflective of our industry and services. The colours, layout and design of the website is exactly what I had envisioned and the best part, is that I had never told them what to do, it was entirely designed by the team. I am proud to say that my branding was elevated by Websolutions and that it was done localy. Thank you Websolutions, great to do business with you.

Marc-Andre Boudreau

CEO of Club Des Amis

A different kind of Homepage

The homepage is playful, bright and inviting; it reflects the educational, safe and fun atmosphere at Club Des Amis.

Creating an inspiring experience

The website tells a story, with recurring & fun characters, inspiring people to find out more about the daycare.

Focus on typography & colors

As a single-page website, each section is divided using colours inspired by the logo. The typography is playful yet legible, both on desktop and mobile devices.

More than just a logo design

A logo that tells a story. Playful & educational, it puts a special emphasis on colours and creates a lasting impression.

Be Unique